Space -  reservoir of moments representing plurality and diversity of its own poetics; it can be distinguished as a sensory or/and imaginary space depending on its reality or more its locus; a way in which we experience a space is non-geometrical and rather elastic, changeable and psycho-plastic

Time - flexible substance dispersing moments of space vibrations

Performance -  elapsing activity of dissolving spacetime

Nature - dispearsed performance of spacetime

Movement concentrates space and time, alters and accentuates the heard and seen

Sound  builds up and accentuates a shape tension, plasticity, feeling and release

Visual   forms intensity, contrast and composes plasticity

Word   depicts this what is between imaginative and seen


Time closed in a box

Space shrunk to a needle eye

Sounds restricted by a motionless light


A hole in the air let one see a space without time

Light bounced from a sound make air dance

A space reflected in a hanging drop shows the architecture of dreams


Music of silence is able to capture pictures of darkness

Stillness can lead to the space dispersion

A performance of spacetime causes a dimensionless immersion in colours of sounds of inner 'space-scapes'


A journey through the sea of sound and light begins with the sound vibration

A curvature of light can be heard in the echo of space

Unheard sounds seem to be more real than all what can be sonically perceived


From here to there

Is there any difference?

All the same and nothing either

A door to expanded space


Looking for light in the dark

Exploring places contracted to a point

Listening to silent sounds

Chanting songs of no sounds

Moving while being still

Being without existing

Is like dreaming

while being awake


The Sun rising

The Moon sinking

Light in the Dark

One by One

Songs of Rites

Silent blue

Fluffy clouds

Sun swiming in-between

Chanting a poem of no sound


Frozen Light,

Dispearsed Space

Contemplating Nature of the Self


Points of fire

Lines of water

Planes of earth

Circles of wind,

looking for the whole in parts

Light Waves

A falling drop of light in the dark

splitted space-time into a pallette of colors

used to paint our reflections

Dark Room

An echo of light

printed on sounds

buzzing in minds


Soundboat is an installation which is made of various metal elements and singing bowls. The whole structure of this set-up was inspired by a number of experiments conducted during a residence in De Oude Beurs.


Soundboat is a vehicle which moves through the ocean of sound and light. It's a tool for space journeys which inspire the crew of the boat to create further and explore other possibilities of immersing in subtle frequencies of space.

Soundboat has come into existence thanks to a mutual inspiration in creative processes between Robert Soroko, Klara Dolhain and Sonic Photon. The artistic approach towards creation and an acoustic resonance of works of Robert Soroko was a main inspiration in building and tuning up the entire installation.

This mutual and collective exchange of energies and ideas was explored later on in a performance of Robert Soroko called 'Moving Lines'

The Soundboat is stirred by Klara Dolhain, John Rausenberger and Sonic Photon.

Reading from the Black Book

It's a setting where words undergo a transformation caused by sounds. This interaction explores sonic qualities of words and their universal features of expressing poetics of space.


The performance begins with a reading of few texts from the Black Book by Sonic Photon. They explore various aspects of space-time and its influence on perception of objects and entities expressing themselves within a place and stretching over time. These texts metamorphose from specific qualities of language towards more universal features of words expressed by their sonic character.

It's a journey through different landscape poems until horizons of sound poetry.


    During and between texts a couple of sounds resonates throughout the space:

    kaval, ney, shakuhachi, hurdy gurdy


    4Fold was founded by Sonic Photon and was active between 2015 and 2019, however, it is a universal idea of organic international art collective which connects people from various disciplines in order to activate a space it occupies. It is a performing company and a platform for other artists and enthusiasts to explore themselves and their craft in this setting.

    4Fold has always existed as the platform for all creative creatures who are willing to intertwine and share various experiences of life and an approach to an interpretation of nature.

    This is shortly encapsulated in our vision:

    Movements concentrate space and time, alter and accentuate the heard and seen

    Sounds build up / accentuate / shape tension, plasticity, feeling, release

    Visuals form intensity, contrast and compose plasticity

    Words depict this what is between imaginative and seen


    All these four elements alter and augment the space-time together with its whole content (objects and living entities)

    4Fold is a setting where movements, sounds, visuals and words are intertwined

    It aims at establishing a fluid connection between these four basic elements of aesthetic activities of human beings

    It is a synthesis or some sort of connection between those four elements, narrative and objects

    It takes culture as a verb rather than as a noun

    4Fold is about a group of people who are passionate about their craft and things they do

    4Fold wants to show that it can activate the space it occupies

    4Fold situations usually take place in bare, unfurnished venues which are designed by the members of the group creating a collage of media

    4Fold is also a performance which takes place just once and keeps going on in hearts and minds of spectators and performers

    It creates a wormhole which can link two separate places in spacetime, between the one and the second performance

    The human’s presence alters the space-time, which is why 4fold sessions are held for many hours to see an influence of spacetime on participants, and vice versa

    The audience-performers and spacetime-occupant relationship is an important factor of the whole situation

    4Fold wants to present, to show a process and a finished product
    Thanks to that, a spectator can feel the creative energy emanating during the whole process and not to only perceive the final product


    4Fold has its own features because it’s not fully the theater, nor the dance piece in sense of stage

    dynamics, but contains their all basic characteristics

    It lies somewhere in-between

    It’s performative because it’s focused on this what and when people do or make something during a creative process

    4Fold provides a setting where all works come to one place in order to create a gallery of ‘sensorialscape'
    It’s free and improvisational in its core which wants willfully to commit itself in a self-discovery and wants to fuse all possibilities present within a group that can overcome boundaries of our defaults, personal flavors and modes of expressions

    4Fold overview